A Brokerage account is the traditional account which provides our customers convenient access to global financial markets.


  • Personal attention by a experienced professionals financial consultants.
  • Freedom for the investor who prefers to decide for himself how much, when and where to invest.
  • Access to multiple markets and investment products.
  • Support in decision making when the investor requires it.
  • Access to margin.
  • Clear, detailed and complete statements.
  • Internet access and online transactions.

  • Common shares
  • Preferred shares
  • ADRs
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Sovereign Bonds
  • Agency Bonds
  • U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  • ETN (Exchange Traded Note)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Commercial Papers

  • Personalized Service
  • Recommended Strategies
  • Online Access 24/7
  • Online Statements
  • Online Stock Trading
  • Assisted Stock Trades
  • Marfin
  • FX Trading
  • Multi-currencyAccounts

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